100% Cotton Solids

Kona Solids

Kona Cotton is a high quality premium cotton, that nice weight between heavy twill and lightweight cotton.  The weave and texture is similar to an oxford type broadcloth shirt, but a little heavier.

 Available for capes, jumpers, dresses, skirts, tipis, or any item you need a high quality cotton fabric.  Choose from the available colors below.


Left to right:

Kona Black, Kona Basil, Kona Navy, Kona Turquoise, Kona Berry, Kona Eggplant, Kona Rich Red, Kona Purple, Kona Burgundy.

Not pictured:

Kona Chocolate Brown


Left to Right: 

 Kona Khaki, Kona Crocus (soft purple), Kona Primrose (pink),

Kona Orchid (lavender), Kona Iced Frappe (mint green).

Not pictured:

Kona Pewter (Medium Grey)

Solid Color Fabric

 These are solid cottons, similar in weight to our calicos.

Solid Burgundy

Solid Black

Solid Green


Soft Pastel Solids

These are light soft solids, perfect for a nightgown or other garments.



Light Pink

Light Blue

Soft Dark Solids

These have the same hand and feel of the pastels, but in darker shades. Great for very full skirt.

Bright Red

      Dark Brown      


Our Muslins

Our muslin fabric is 100% cotton, and is available in Bleached or Unbleached.  Unbleached is a soft tan/cream/natural color, and has small brown flecks that fade over time.  Bleached is a soft white.

Solid Tipi Tan

 Solid Cotton Gallery