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It's a Photo Day!

We geared up this morning to shoot photos for new skirt sets.

For those of you who have never used a drawstring skirt, we thought you might like a few tips on wearing one!

First, put on your underskirt (hoop, crinoline, slip, etc.) and adjust. Then slip the drawstring skirt over and begin pulling your cords to gather the fabric of the casing.

Tie your cord just like a shoelace.

Tuck the bow down inside your skirt.

Adjust the gathers evenly around the skirt.

Fluff your skirts, milady!

Have trouble getting your tie to 'untie' when taking it off? Sometimes if you start your 'shoelace tie' with a simple over/under knot, it can stick. Pull on one string, and the simple tie will pop apart!

August 15, 2017

New Changes To the Catalog!

We've made some changes to the Girls' Custom Dresses in our catalog to make things easier and more fun for everyone!

  • New Styles

Our girls' custom dresses are now broken down into convenient, distinctive styles. Looking for a hem ruffle? Long sleeve? Cuff? No Collar? Browsing will be simpler and easier for everyone!

*Note that some styles are still multi-choice; these are identified by the phrase 'Build a Dress' in the title.

  • New Photos

Or the same photos, easier to find! Now you can scroll down through the catalog and see for yourself what that Ruffles Dress will look like with a short puffed sleeve and a Peter Pan Collar!

  • Same Service

Custom is still custom! Regardless of design, we still sew by your measurements so that you can have the best fit possible, and you can still choose from a wide variety of cotton fabric.

July 7, 2017

Happy Independence Day

from Gathering of Goods!

July 4, 2017

Sewing Series Part #1:

The Importance of Prewashing Fabric

To prewash or not to prewash - that is the question on many a quilting and sewing site!

Through our many years of sewing, prewashing and drying of fabric has become the standard in our sewing room. Unwashed fabric has caused many a shortened skirt, too-tight bodice, or strange lay of garment. Because fabric changes in four distinct ways when it is washed.

1. Length.

This is the one everyone thinks of first, and it can be a very dramatic change, depending on the fabric. It can shrink 2"-3" right away, hardly shrink at all, or gradually inch up over time until you wonder if you’ve had a strange adult growth spurt! Simply giving your fabric that first wash and dry before you sew your dream dress or make your grandchild an heirloom quality quilt can make all the difference.

2. Width.

Not as publicized as the length, but very likely and destructive! Your fabric WILL shrink in width. You might not notice as quickly as the length, but you’ll soon be blaming the chocolate ice cream for what the washer and/or dryer did to your jumper or dress (and who wants to blame chocolate ice cream?)! A fabric such as muslin can lose over an inch in width after washing and drying, and that is a lot to lose once your garment or craft project has already been made.

3. Grain.  

As all who sew know, grainline is one of the most important parts of the fabric; who hasn’t measured your pattern piece over and over to make sure it is on grainline? But what if that grainline is off? Fabric is blocked after production, which can make that straight edge they cut off at the fabric store a complete joke. How does this affect measuring from the selvage? Well, how do you think your lovely skirt is going to hang if you had cut and sewn this fabric and then washed the garment afterwards?


This is the perfect example of how a fabric changes after a trip through the washer and dryer. These edges matched not too long ago. Now they don’t. We have washed a purchased cotton quilt, and had each little square take on a life of its own as the grain and bias changed. The pressure was so intense on them, the pieces of the quilt literally tore out of the stitching.

4. Lay/Texture

This is not as critical as the first three, but definitely still a consideration if you are making clothing or something that makes feel important. We have sewn with a cotton solid that is smooth, silky, and draping before washing and drying and firm, stiff, and thick after. If you are intending to use that elegant princess seam dress pattern, this fabric would be an utter disappointment! After the first time you wore it, it would completely change, and your soft and silky dress would be a stiff and sturdy dress.

In our store at Gathering of Goods, we wash and dry every fabric before creating a garment - be it a bonnet, skirt, dress or underslip. It’s that important. Shrinking can still occur; in fact, we encourage our customers to wash as cool as possible and hang dry to minimize this risk. But you shouldn’t have that moment of shock when your garment comes out of the wash fitting your youngest daughter instead of you!

We also prewash and dry all the fabric we sell, because you are literally getting the same fabric we use every day. Each length has been machine washed with a hypoallergenic detergent, machine dried, folded inside-out to reduce the chance of fading, and rerolled on bolts. And the length you order is cut AFTER washing, so you are getting just what you ordered. 


There are very few places online where you can get prewashed cotton fabric for quilting or garment sewing, so we are excited about being able to offer our own prewashed fabric for seamstresses! Our goal is to provide the affordable, workable, 100% cotton fabric we love, in a form you can use right from the box.

June 13th 2017

In The Shop This Week

We’ve been busy in the shop the last few days - making lovely drawstring skirts! These skirts are perfect for Civil War, Trek, Prairie, Colonial, Renaissance and Medieval wear. You can pair it with a blouse or chemise, dress it up with a sash, vest or laced bodice, or dress it down for work with an apron or pinafore! Check it all out on the shop today - they are Ready To Ship and In Stock for quick shipping in several elegant colors and prints.


June 3rd 2017


Welcome to Gathering of Goods’ all-new store blog! We’ll be posting here to keep you updated on new products, fabrics, styles and more. Watch for a little historical/modest fashion, and a lot of information to make your order easier and better.

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June 2nd 2017

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