Our History

Gathering of Goods began in 2011, when we - the ladies of the Brazytis family - brought our unique patterns, traditional styles, and love for femininity and florals to the internet market. Our online store is a place where the new and the old meet - old fashioned quality and sewing skills; modern ease of ordering and reliable shipping all over the world. 

We love to design and create new patterns and have worked with many friends, relatives, and customers in the USA and abroad to make personal, one-of-a-kind garments. Combined with our love for history, sewing has become an outpouring of our passion for cloth, creativity and the life of long ago.

Our Vision 

For more than twenty-five years, most of the clothes we wear have been made right here at home. The few times we purchase something 'factory-made', we are shocked at how much cheaper it feels, and how badly it fits!

Here at Gathering of Goods, we want to bring you the ultimate clothing experience that we have had for years.  We offer Ready To Ship garments in standard sizes, made with care; but we also provide a very special service ~ Made To Measure.

These are garments made just for you, with your measurements. As a Made To Measure order is processed, hours are spent checking your measurements against our charts and patterns; choosing the best fit for you; cutting out; sewing and serging; and finally finishing your custom garment. 

For all of our clothing, finish work is done by hand and needle, each detail gone over: cuffs, lining on bodices and elastic in sleeves and legs are all secured by hand. Even each and every button is sewn on by hand - in fact, a past customer once said her favorite part of wearing our garments was that she never had to worry about her buttons falling off!

Most of the items you find in our store are patterns designed right here in our sewing room, like the two-tier dress for ladies and girls, and the Ruffles and Simply Sweet lines of dresses. Others are a combination of patterns, tweaked to style.

Rarely, you will find an odd polyester(satin gowns or fleece capes) or other man-made fiber, but most of our fabrics are natural: cotton, wool, and other natural fibers.

Although many of our styles are traditional or historical, these are not costumes! These are quality garments, made to last and be loved for as long as the fabric will hold out! That's why we offer garments for special events as well as everyday - because regardless of the occasion, each one is made the same: 
to be a garment to remember. And we think that your wedding, childhood event or special photograph deserves that kind of detail!

So come into our store. Relax. Take a look around. See what you like. Let us know if we can help you design the garment you've been waiting for...
The one made just for you.

 Our Heart

We can't deny it: 

We think Modesty is Beautiful!

Here at Gathering of Goods, we desire to supply a great lack in our world -

~Beautiful, tasteful, modest clothing~

In our store you will find long, full and loose fitting clothing; clothing that shows honor, respect and dignity before God and man.  Whether for every day or a special occasion, we want to provide you with the dress of your dreams -



Times Change.

But at Gathering of Goods,

not much has changed.

Our garments are still made the way they used to be made.

One garment at a time.

Your fabric choice. 

Your details.




Because that

is what Gathering of Goods

is all about.