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About Our Fabrics

 How to choose fabric from our selection

Our fabric choice pages are designed to make your fabric selection easier by showing you what we offer, and, many times, what it looks like as a finished product.

How does it work?

1. Choose a fabric.  Please include a first and second choice.  We don't always have the same amounts of every fabric, and during busier times of year they vary even more.  What is enough for a bonnet won't work for a  Civil War Dress!

2. Email us the color & number (example: Yellow #1) of each fabric choice.

3. We'll tell you if we have those fabrics available for your order. You're done!

Our Fabrics

All of our calico, flannel, corduroy and solid fabrics are 100% cotton. 

These are natural fibers, and may have slight inconsistencies, slubs(thickened threads), and other imperfections.  We do our best to catch the worst of them, but remember that they are a natural and normal part of the fabric. 

Our selection is constantly changing, so visit often to see our new fabrics!


Every computer screen is different; the true color of the fabric can not always be shown in pictures.  We have fine-tuned them on our monitor, but if the exact shade is very important to you, contact us and we'll try to give you the best description.