In September of 2012,

Gathering of Goods sold

the very first

Ruffles Dress and Pinafore.

Dozens of dresses and pinafores later, the Ruffles Style Dress and Pinafore is still a favorite with customers everywhere.  Whether with or without a pinafore, in our original or Holiday style, and even in velvet or formal white, it continues to cast its aura of girlhood and grace over mothers and daughters all over the world!

 The simply sweet Dress and Pinafore

Need we say more?  The Simply Sweet (previously the Unruffled) style was a direct shoot-off of our popular Ruffles Dress and Pinafore.  It lends itself to so many styles, figures and needs - and even closely resembles the famous 'Anne at the Train Station' dress! 

 The Classic Dress and Pinafore

The Classic is simply that - Classic.  Start with the Ruffles Dress, the dress you want to wear to church, or a dress-up party, or just to feel pretty in your own backyard!  Then the pinafore adds that extra touch of ruffle and bow that will make any girl feel special and lovely.

 Girls Two-Tier Dress

Grown ladies have so enjoyed our two-tier creation that we simply had to offer it to girls as well!  With its swishing yards of skirt, this dress never fails to delight feminine hearts!