Measuring For Your New Garments 

 We ask only the most important measurements for your custom garment.  The following will help you understand why we need these particular measurements, and how to measure them correctly.

Chest/Bust- We need this to determine the width of your finished garment in the chest area.  This is where we begin to size your garment.  This one is REALLY needed!  Measure the fullest part of the chest or bust.  For ladies, that is your 'Low Bust'; we also like to have your 'High Bust'.  That is the part of your chest just under the arms.

Full Height- This is a measurement very important for sizing.  It helps us decide whether you are tall and slender or short and husky!  This can effect some style details.

Length desired down the back from the top of shoulder nearest the neck- Start with the seam of a normal shirt at the shoulder, near the neck where a collar would be attached. Proceed down to the length you want the garment to be. And we will make the garment to hang at the length you indicate.

Measurement from shoulder/arm seam to length of sleeve desired - This is for sleeve length.  While wearing a normal shirt or blouse, start from where the sleeve of the garment is attached and go down the arm to the wrist or other length needed, like short or 3/4.

Circumference of arm - This, of course, helps us to make the elastic or cuff fit nicely without pinching or slipping.  Please make the measurement exact, not 'comfortable'; we add the ease when we make the garment.

Length desired down the back from the top of shoulder nearest the neck- We do not always ask for this measurement, but sometimes it is needed for a particular style. This determines the length of your bodice.  Start with the same place as the full length and go down to the waist.  Not sure where the waist is?  Put your hands on your hips.  Ta-Da!  There is the natural waistline!